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Did you forget to add an ice cream maker to your wedding registry? Or maybe you finally threw it out after not using it for so many years. Whatever the case, you have a serious homemade ice cream craving and machinery. Whatever will you do? Don’t give up and head to the freezer aisle. Instead, watch this week’s Mad Genius Tips video in which F&W Test Kitchen genius Justin Chapple reveals how to easily make ice cream at home with a Ziploc bag, a freezer and a food processor. Learn more essential cooking tricks by watching all of F&W’s Mad Genius Tips videos.

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A portrait of Prince George released to commemorate his first birthday, shows him walking all on his own.


A portrait of Prince George released to commemorate his first birthday, shows him walking all on his own.

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Hey Everyone! 

I produced this show and I’m really excited for you to see it. It’s called Hotwives of Orlando and debuts today on Hulu (FOR FREE!) The cast is amazing, Casey Wilson, Kristen Schaal, Angela Kinsey, Tymberlee Hill, and Andrea Savage…Plus a ton of really funny people you’ll recognize, like Stephen Tobolowsky, Joey McIntyre, Matt Besser, Jerry Minor, Rich Fulcher, Seth Morris, Jeff Hiller, Melissa Rauch, Kate Walsh, Sterling Knight, Jamie Denbo, Jessica Chafin, Deborah Tarica, Horatio Sanz, Kulap Vilaysack, Mike Phirman, Lauren Lapkus, Pam Murphy, Weird Al, and Me (with a lot of bronzer)


So If you like the Housewives Shows or Hate Reality TV, I think you’ll like this

So many UCB alums (including one of UCBs founders Matt Besser) in this show! Check it out. 

Have to watch this

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You are a unique person and you have to be yourself. You can’t be anybody else; you can’t lead anybody else’s life. You have to be comfortable in your own skin and you have to be confident about who you are, whether you’re working at Twitter or running for office. And that is hard to do….and yet it’s all doable once you relax and decide, ‘You know what? This is no dress rehearsal. This is it for me. I want to be who I am.’ You be yourself. Easiest advice to say, hardest advice to follow.

Hillary Clinton, in response to a tweet from Amy Poehler (x).

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The world needs more Hillary!!!! 

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30 Rock || Road to the Emmy's
Elaine Stritch - Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series

RIP You fabulous fabulous woman

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How puppies help when you’re sick.

Need me a puppy right about now

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4yo (tries zucchini): “It doesn’t taste like fruit. It doesn’t taste like vegetables. It doesn’t taste good - but it’s not bad!”

Nailed it.

I should get this tattooed on my arm.

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